The Pros and Cons of Going Deskless

November 16, 2017 / by Bill Miller posted in Office Furniture, Office Design

flexible_seating_going_deskless_office_design.jpeg"Going deskless." This may be an unfamiliar term to you, but it's actually a strategy that many teachers embrace -- for their students and for themselves. In the classroom, going deskless in favor of adopting flexible seating options provides coveted extra floor space -- and the freedom for students to position themselves in a way that is most conducive for them to learn (lying on their stomach on the floor, sitting against a wall, sitting on a balance ball, etc.)

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Color Your Office Green!

November 14, 2017 / by Bill Miller posted in Office Design


Woman working on a computer with city view in background

We're firm believers that incorporating natural elements into your office design has tangible benefits for body, mind, and soul. One of the most effective ways to bring the outside in is to fill your office space with plants. They're naturally beautiful to look at, make your space feel less sterile and cozier and purify the air. If you're strategic about which plants you bring in and where you put them and assign one or more individuals the responsibility to water them occasionally, plants will be a low-maintenance addition to your office space.

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Benefits of Switching to Sit-Stand Desks

October 27, 2017 / by Bill Miller posted in Ergonomics, Office Furniture

Office Furniture Installers Recommend Switching to Sit-Stand DesksIf you're reading this while sitting down, do yourself a favor and stand up! There's a compelling body of research concluding that prolonged periods of sitting are linked to myriad health problems

If you are a facility manager, an office designer or anyone else that participates in office furniture planning, pay attention because the benefits of switching this one piece of office furniture could save you (or your clients) in the long run. 

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Avoid These Common Mistakes When Purchasing Office Furniture

October 24, 2017 / by Bill Miller posted in Office Furniture, Office Design

Limitations poor communication of corporate life. Portrait corporate middle aged man working on laptop sitting on chair inside carton box in empty office room

Office furniture is an investment in more ways than one. Yes, buying office furniture is a financial investment, but it's also an investment in your business's future. Vast quantities of research back up the assertion that office furniture absolutely affects employee productivity. In some cases, it can even affect employee retention.

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Productive Well-Being Office Design

October 23, 2017 / by Bill Miller posted in Office Design

Being Creative with Office Design and Office Furniture InstallationIf someone asked you to describe your home, think about how you would reply. You would probably mention aspects of your home that involve comfort, aesthetic beauty, and an ambiance you strategically crafted so you and your loved ones would feel happy and content. Unfortunately, if most employees were asked to describe their offices, the answers would probably have little to do with a sense of well-being. There's a move to change that, which is a win-win for employees and employers. Because, let's face it, designing an office can be overwhelming enough.

Download our checklist so you don't forget anything!

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Using Adaptable Furniture in Your Office Design

October 19, 2017 / by Bill Miller posted in Office Design


As more businesses embrace flexible office layouts that encourage collaboration and teamwork but also accommodate needs for privacy and absolute quiet, the demand for adaptable office furniture continues to grow. Incorporating adaptable furniture in your office design is a win-win for you and your employees.

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Our Favorite Herman Miller Office Furniture

October 17, 2017 / by Bill Miller posted in Office Furniture

Portrait happy young woman thinking dreaming has many ideas looking up isolated office windows background. Positive human face expression emotion feeling reaction. Decision making process concept

Office furniture isn't usually known for being fashion-forward, groundbreaking or innovative - unless, that is, you're talking about Herman Miller office furniture. Herman Miller, launched more than 100 years ago, is not an average furniture company. It's a company where outstanding design and problem-solving architecture is at the core of every product. As office furniture installers, we see a lot of office furniture so we wanted to share some of our Herman Miller favorites!

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Rebuilding Your Office Space After a Flood or Other Natural Disaster

October 3, 2017 / by Bill Miller posted in Office Reconfiguration, Office Design

Rebuilding Your Business After a FloodNow that the full scale of the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey has come into clear focus, Houstonians affected by storm-related flooding are focused on the task at hand (cleanup) and are beginning to plan for the future. While news outlets covering the historic flooding tend to focus on the devastation caused to peoples' homes, thousands of businesses were also affected.

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Attracting Millennials With Office Design

September 29, 2017 / by Bill Miller posted in Office Design

Attracting Millennials with Office DesignToday, millennials make up more than one-third of working adults. By 2025, they will make up three-quarters of the workforce. If you aren't prepared to appeal to what could be the most studied generation in history, you could face serious talent acquisition challenges as this massive generation of workers takes center stage. After all, it will likely be impossible to fill all of your open positions from only 25% of the available labor pool.

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Tips for Call Center Organization

September 19, 2017 / by Bill Miller posted in Office Reconfiguration, Office Furniture, Office Design

Call Center Organization in Houston TexasCall centers face challenges that your typical office furniture design layout doesn't have to contend with. You need to maximize the space that you have available while maintaining an environment designed for crisp and clear phone conversations. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you're putting together a call center design.

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