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Modular Office Walls: Should Your Office Have Them?

If you're planning an office move or office renovation, you've got many decisions to make. You probably have a detailed checklist. (If you don't, you can download ours for free.) One item that may not be on your checklist but should be is what...

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Office Furniture Planning on a Budget

Whether you run a startup and are committing to an office space for the first time or you are expanding or moving your office, you’ve probably got a budget for furnishing and decorating your space. If your budget is limited, you’ve got to be...

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Does Your Office Furniture have Integrated Technology? Maybe It Should

Self-driving cars and trucks, package delivery via drones, "paying with your face" (systems that use facial recognition technology to authorize payments for goods and services) -- the future has arrived. We're living in it! Cool gadgets aside,...

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Are You Office Space Planning? Consider a Flexible Office Space

While it's probable that spacious corner offices with sweeping views will always be considered premium office real estate, the sad truth is that there are only so many corners in an office building and they're usually reserved for the power players...

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Is Your Office Furniture Hurting You?

If you work in an office, you probably spend a large chunk of your workday sitting at a desk, staring at a computer, making phone calls and doing paperwork. Office jobs may not seem like high-risk jobs, but experts warn otherwise. According to the...

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