When Should You Get A Quote for Your Upcoming Office Move?

January 18, 2018 / by Tommy Twardowski

Are you planning an office move this year? If so, you’ve got many decisions to make and many contractors to line up – especially office moving experts! Office furniture movers (good office furniture movers) do much more than transport items from your old office to your new office. Don’t make the mistake of waiting until the last minute to hire an office mover or furniture installers. 

Do you need office furniture installers or office movers for your next office move or remodel? Take our quiz.As soon as you know an office move or an office reconfiguration is imminent and you can answer the following questions, that’s the perfect time to seek estimates and partner with a pro!

  • Will you use existing furniture, new furniture, or a combination of both?
  • Will you need help with electrical, cabling, and IT needs?
  • Will you be moving in and out of your existing space or moving to a brand-new space?
  • What is your office relocation budget?
  • What is your anticipated deadline for needing to be fully moved in?
  • Will your project involve any construction?
  • Will you be relocating personnel?

Office Moving Experts Can Help You Make a Smooth Transition

As with most large undertakings, you could say “the devil is in the details” when you’re embarking on an office move. What you don’t know, or don’t know you need to know, can significantly steer your project off track. 

That’s why it’s smart to identify and partner with your office furniture mover as soon as you can answer the aforementioned questions. As soon as you identify which company you’ll use, invite these office moving experts to review your current site and the site you’re moving into, if possible. They’ll be able to answer many questions you may not realize you should be asking! For example,

  • Will your existing office furniture work in your new space?
  • Do you want to reconfigure your current office layout (by going from open concept to a hybrid layout with open and private spaces, for instance?)
  • If you need to buy “new” office furniture, should you consider saving money with pre-owned furniture?
  • Is your budget reasonable for the required scale of work? What about your desired timeframe?

Experienced office furniture movers will also explain how you can make the best use of your transitionary time by taking care of frequently overlooked maintenance items. For example, your furniture mover/installer may be able to give you a quote to touch up or repair desks or other furnishings, clean wall panels, etc.

What You Should Expect from Office Moving Experts

Simply put, you should expect more than bodies and a truck. You should expect to be educated and enlightened by professionals who specialize in office moves and relocations. Your chosen team should provide you a detailed list of all you need to consider and do before moving day. You should receive a written price quotation that can be easily modified as the project progresses if the scope of work you desire increases.

As you finalize the layout for your new office, if you need new furniture you’ll be able to order and receive it more quickly – meaning you’ll be up and running in your new office sooner. When you choose Houston Installation Services (HIS), you will be assigned a dedicated project manager who will measure your intended furniture and workstations, alert you of any potential fit problems, and suggest modifications to your space or furniture to make it work. A pro will also point out the pesky details that can become huge problems – for instance, you may assume your electrical needs will transition as-is to your new space - but your project manager may discover you need to adjust from wall- to ceiling-supplied power.

The sooner you partner with a pro, like HIS, the more smoothly your project will be. When you’ve got a rough idea of your project, contact us to sharpen your focus! We are serious about saving our clients time and money.

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