Houston Installation Services is the region’s premier office furniture installation company with decades of experience in disassembling and installing office furniture of many different brands. Whether you want just to move one workstation or an entire building of workstations, our experienced team can take care of your needs and help you save money in the process.

What is an Office Furniture Installer?

An office furniture installer is knowledgeable about different types of office furniture from different furniture manufacturers (each of which has its own design specifications and installation quirks.) Installers also are familiar with the many important details involved in making sure furniture is functional within a space.

An office furniture installer understands all of the steps that must be taken when moving or reinstalling furniture in large and small offices, complex educational buildings, hospitals, restaurants, etc. They don’t simply move furniture from point A to point B; they provide important feedback and advice to clients (such as evaluating a space’s electrical wiring and identifying the best way to provide access to workstations’ electricity needs.) And, of course, office furniture installers install new furniture, disassemble furniture when it needs to be moved, and reinstall furniture when it has been relocated to a new space. They have the tools, knowledge, and experience to help ensure that an office move or relocation goes smoothly and is completed on time.

HIS Can Install Many Brands of Office Furniture

We install both new and refurbished office furniture. Our staff is extensively trained and has first-hand experience with installing many brands such as:

Herman Miller
KI - Kruger International
SIS/Human Factors Tech

How Does HIS Make Your Office Furniture Installation Happen?

Office furniture installation requires so much more than just office movers. You need a team of office furniture experts who understand all aspects of moving/installing an office on-time and on-budget. There are many things to consider such as:

  • Flexing to actual site dimensions versus what was planned
  • Power and data access
  • Cable management including grommet drilling
  • ADA requirements
  • Retrofitting existing furniture to fit in a new space
  • Wall-mounting products that may require specialty knowledge, tools, or experience
  • Working with other trades in space at same time
  • Last minute customer changes/requirements

We pride ourselves in quickly responding to your requests with a normal response turnaround time of 24-hours or less, and we will handle emergency requests immediately. We offer flexible scheduling to accommodate your need for rearrangement of free-standing or systems furniture and specialize in the elimination of downtime.

Save time and money on your next office move

Local and Nationwide Office Furniture Installation

We are located in Houston and service the Houston metro area and South Texas region. We are also available for your key installation projects throughout Texas and surrounding states.

As a Preferred Provider of the nationwide network of independent office furniture installation companies known as InstallNet, our local customers have immediate access to project management and installation services in all 50 states. Whenever you may have a need to coordinate nationwide office relocation, systems furniture installation, office reconfiguration or asset management outside of our direct service sector, we will serve to help answer your overall needs. For further information concerning our nationwide network, contact us for work through InstallNet International.

If you’d rather manage your projects yourself without using InstallNet, but still have access to a highly-qualified and skilled nationwide network, then OFIA (or Office Furniture Installation Alliance) is the solution for you. With OFIA you will have access to the InstallNet office furniture installers in your market while being your own project manager and avoiding those additional project management fees associated with the InstallNet program.

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Just a quick note to say THANK YOU all so much for making the Houston chair delivery installation such a smooth operation!!!!

Lily was a GODSEND helping out with the all of the work and direction! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Tommy, your installation team was AMAZING!  They were on it all night; they were nice, professional, funny, and worked hard the entire time. I can honestly say that is one of the best installation teams, if not the best, that I have ever worked with.

Thanks to Lily and Houston Installation Services, the install was very smooth, and we were done HOURS before we thought we would be.

-- Nationwide Furniture Manufacturer