Are You Looking to Reconfigure Office Space?

Reconfiguring your current office space can include:

  • Designing your space with new furniture, flooring, or existing furniture components
  • Adding or removing workstations in the same space
  • Adding or removing meeting spaces in existing space

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After we meet with you to determine your plan, budget, and timeline the HIS Project Manager will also help you:

  • Verify furniture inventory, both currently being used and in storage
  • Review furniture that isn’t currently being used in other areas and discuss how it can be repurposed in your new office space reconfiguration.
  • Verify all dimensions of the available furniture and suggest ways to make it work in the new space.
  • Verify all dimensions of the office space to be sure the plan will work.
  • Make an assessment of items that will need to be purchased.

This project planning takes place before anything in your office is moved or rearranged!

Using the information collected, the HIS Project Manager will suggest various office layouts based on their findings.

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