How are Office Remodels, Furniture Installations, and Relocations Priced?

Any time you can outsource a complex job to professionals who do that job for a living, it’s much more likely that job will be completed on time and to your satisfaction. And, it’s almost a certainty that your life will be much easier than trying to assemble an assortment of people who don’t do this all the time or do the job yourself. The big question that is often the deciding factor in whether to outsource a job to professionals (or which professionals to hire for the job) is: “How much will it cost?” Every company is different, of course, but Houston Installation Services (HIS) uses a specific pricing model.

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Consistent, Simple, Accurate Price Quotes

In the beginning stages of any office move, build-out, or relocation project, HIS requests a list of information that will help with determining what is involved. This might include:

  • relevant drawings of the space
  • layout plans
  • list of new materials’ that will need to be received for the job
  • descriptions of products being moved or installed
  • product line information

Usually, in the case of quoting an office move or relocation job, an HIS project manager will visit your job site to make notes related to the scope of work that will be needed. Details, such as the condition of the site, how many items will be staying, and how many items will need to be moved, give the project manager insight into how complex and time consuming your job will be.

Based on all of this information provided we will create an estimated timeline and cost using a unique software program called IQ. It was created specifically to help office furniture installers develop accurate price quotes.

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Questions That Help HIS Determine The Price of Your Job

Our HIS project manager will walk through your site with your general contractor or your company’s dedicated point-person and ask detailed questions, including:

  • When will the project begin and how long is it expected to take?
  • Who will disconnect and reconnect equipment? The site walk-through is often very educational for our customers because our project manager typically asks questions you haven’t even considered. (That is another benefit of working with HIS: Our project managers can help you coordinate all the details and any other tradespeople who will be needed to complete the job.)
  • Who will relocate the equipment? Some customers have internal IT personnel who will move computers and relocate the server room, and some do not. Jobs that require IT support are more complex and, consequently, more expensive.
  • Will the customer need help packing and unpacking? HIS absolutely offers these services, but they will be considered when pricing a job.
  • Will each employee pack his or her office? Or would HIS be packing up individual offices?
  • Does the client prefer transporting items in crates or in boxes? Usually, crates are used for larger companies with more complex moves and boxes are used for smaller jobs.

Data In, Price Quote Out

Once our project manager has completed a site visit walk-through with you (if required) and collected all of the necessary data our software helps with calculating a quote. If the quote is higher than the client’s budget, there are often small changes that can be made to the scope of work to lower the cost. For example, having customers box up their own offices before the project begins will reduce the price. HIS is always willing to work with a client to create a plan they will be happy with!

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