Here’s Why the HIS Team is Your Key to a Smooth Move.

You’ve probably already looked online to see who who can move your office furniture. In fact, that may be how you’ve come to find us! But now it’s time to decide which is the right company for your needs. How can you do that effectively?

The most important thing for you to consider is that moving an office takes a lot more than simply moving things from point A to point B, which most anyone can do with a truck, a toolbox and some muscles.

HIS has all of those things but here the other benefits of using a company that specializes in helping small and medium sized businesses when they’re ready to move their office, remodel, downsize or expand.

HIS Installs All Major Office Furniture Brands

Whatever brands or types of furniture you need installed and/or arranged in your workplace, you can be certain the installers at HIS will get it done right. Every HIS office furniture installer has been certified in multiple national office furniture brands and factory trained by the manufacturers themselves. They can assist with installing what you already have and/or with adding new office furniture, signage, screens, etc.

Our team has extensive experience installing Allsteel, Bernhardt, GF, Global, Gunlocke, Haworth, Herman Miller, HON, Humanscale, Kruger International, Knoll, Nemschoff, OFS, SIS/Human Factors Tech, SMED International, Steelcase, Teknion, Trendway, and many more.

We can help you with pairing existing pieces with new furniture you may need in the office space and combining office furniture brands to get a great looking office space setup.

HIS Provides You With a Dedicated Project Manager

There are so many details involved in an office move that go beyond disassembling, moving and then reassembling furniture. There are many details before the actual installation date that you’ll want to have managed carefully to ensure an on-time move. And since you probably only move your office or require an office furniture installer every now and then, it may not be your area of specialty.

Let HIS help you by bringing us in well before the actual move-date is scheduled. We can help you with identifying what’s needed in the new space to fit your current furniture, or how we can help you minimize the amount of new furniture needed by assessing and repurposing what you already have.

The project manager will visit the new site in person, assess it and take measurements before we submit a price quote or do any work. Better yet, we provide this service at no charge. It’s simply good business sense! Our success depends on your success and absolute satisfaction.

HIS Installers Have Your Timeline as Their #1 Goal

We understand how critical deadlines are and that your staff must be able to work to keep the company going. That’s why we’ll work after hours and weekends to get things as you need them for your new office space to be functioning as they need to, on-time.

Having been in this business for 39+ years, we’ve seen what can go wrong, and we know how to be flexible and push through challenges to complete the job on time. Whether we need to alter the size of a certain station or cut around a support pole, we can get approval for alterations quickly, complete them and get back on schedule since each job has an onsite project manager.

We are serious about saving our clients time and money.

You’re Protected by Insurance Every Step of the Way

Nothing in life is 100% foolproof. Mother Nature cannot be controlled. Nor can other drivers or freak accidents. That’s why we insure our client's property when it’s stored in our warehouse awaiting transport, as it’s driven to the new location and unloaded, and as it remains in the new location – assembled and ready – until the client signs off on a job well done.

Budget movers may tell you that they are insured. If you ask for proof, though, as you most certainly should, you may never hear back from them. Insist on it, no matter who you use.

Additionally, HIS occasionally uses contract labor, but we are serious about protecting our clients and only use contract laborers who can provide proof of insurance. If an uninsured contractor had an accident at your office space (old or new), you could be sued and required to pay a costly worker’s compensation claim which could be devastating for a small to medium sized company.

HIS Is Responsive, Transparent and Direct

If you’ve been putting off your search for an office furniture installer because you’re dreading the “phone tree” and playing phone tag as you try to get answers and information, we have good news for you. When you call HIS, a live human will answer the phone! You will not need to listen to automated prompts, leave lengthy voicemails or twiddle your thumbs as you await a return call. Need pricing or an answer in 30 minutes? No problem. Time is money. We promise we will never waste yours!

We hope we’ve answered many of the questions you have about hiring a local office furniture installer. We'd love the chance to prove to you how seamless and professional our trade can be. When you’re in need of office furniture installation in Houston, it’s smart to call HIS first! Contact us at 713-462-7067 or toll free at 800-966-7067.